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Why Fostering Matters

It's 2023, if you've been keeping up with animal rescue then you know how WILD it has been. If you live in the southern states of the US then you're likely in the trenches of just how bad things are right now. COVID has come with it's slew of issues that we're still recovering from, then the canine flu hits. It's one thing after another.

This doesn't mean all is lost. There are still many positive impacts we can make. I know our shelters are having to euthanize, many animals are dying. However, NOW is the time to act. If we're going to make any headway then we have to KEEP GOING. One of the LARGEST LIFE SAVERS nationwide is: FOSTERING! Yes, that's right, fostering.

Why Fostering Matters

  1. It provides a safe environment for an animal in need.

  2. Fostering creates more space in municipal animal shelters and rescue facilities.

  3. Brings in new prospective adopters.

  4. Promotes a healthy environment for an animal to learn, grow, and trust.

  5. Increases the animal's chances of adoption.

  6. Improves an animal's social skills.

  7. Reduces the likelihood of an animal being returned.

  8. Last but not least... you SAVE LIVES.

All 8 of these reasons and MORE are WHY fostering MATTERS. Even just one, if you foster just one, THAT ONE you fostered is why it matters.

Reach out to your local municipal shelter or 501c3 nonprofit animal rescue if you're interested in fostering! Local to the OKC Metro area? Consider fostering for Kanoa Rescue Foundation.

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