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Stand Against Neglect

Every year there are MILLIONS of animals facing neglect and abuse. It's hard to know an exact number of animals who are abused and neglected each year since it is highly underreported. There are approximately 70 million dogs in the US and 74 million cats, it's likely these numbers are even higher if you account for the strays and animals in homes that are never documented.

Many pets including dogs, cats, horses, and many others die from abuse and neglect. Recently we took in 3 dogs who are undergoing long term neglect.

Albus, Rubeus, and Trelawney. Albus is the most severe and endured the most neglect. X-rays showed his stomach and intestines to be empty, just gas. He had literally been starving and just withering away. Albus also has severe bed sores likely from sitting in his own urine and feces. His flesh has literally just been eaten away by sitting in his own filth. Rubeus and Trelawney are also incredibly skinny, but their body scores are a 2 & 3 out of 9 whereas Albus's body score is a 1 out of 9. They also have skin irritation from sitting in urine, but their flesh has not started to rot away.

All three of these dogs deserve a brighter future. We are going to give that by providing medical care, unconditional love, and care. YOU can help make that difference by donating today.

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