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How we started and all our programs!

Kanoa Rescue Foundation was founded in 2019 with a mission to save and improve lives of our animal friends! We have a variety of programs that help us pursue our mission. From hospice care to spay and neuter programs to education, we do what we can. We assist and take in a variety of species to our program including dogs, cats, exotics, pigs, and more! We try to do as much as we can for as many as we can. Read more about each program below! 

History: Kanoa Rescue Foundation was founded by Krystal Carter and Tonya Hearrell in 2019 after years of development and ideas. They wanted to see a brighter future for our animals and focus on animals that were often overlooked. With this dream KRF was created and has been flourishing thanks to a multitude of people and their efforts to SAVE and IMPROVE lives!

Hospice Care: We believe regardless of the illness, age, or ability of an animal they deserve care, they deserve love, and they deserve a place to call home. Often times our hospice animals are geriatrics who's owners have passed or their owners signed them over to a local shelter due to a multitude of reasons. We often also get animals in kidney failure or other life long medical conditions that require extra care and attention. We are often times the last hope and home for animals needing end of life care. Although we wish not so many needed us there is always a need of hospice animals in need. This is why we greatly appreciate our donors and hospice fosters! 

Sanctuary: We do not currently have a large sanctuary but this is something we are working on! Currently we provide sanctuary care at the headquarters as well as in approved sanctuary homes. Typically animals that find themselves in need of our sanctuary program are differently-abled and require extra care and attention. We also offer sanctuary to animals' behaviors do not permit them to be adopted out to the public. Other animals that may find themselves in need of sanctuary care are turtles, tortoises, and other animals who find themselves frequently rehomed due to their long life spans. 

Foster and Adoption: Along with our hospice and sanctuary care we also have a foster and adoption program. Many animals we come into this program initially have a curable medical condition such as illness or injury. We've taken in animals that are malnourished, been hit by cars, have parvo virus, hair loss, and more! We are also able to adopt out seniors and differently-abled animals! Plus a lot of our exotic animals get to be a part of this program. We've adopted out hedgehogs, guinea pigs, rats, and more! 

Barn Cats: Yes it's true! We also have barn cat program! Often times these are feral cats who can't go back to their original colonies due to safety concerns. We also take in cats that have severe behavioral issues and do not do well in traditional homes. The cats that find themselves in our barn cat program are typically at risk for euthanasia at a local animal shelter. Instead of allowing these cats to be euthanized we step in, get them spayed/neuter, vaccinated, and provide other medical they need including ringworm treatment, upper respiratory treatment, and more! People who sign up to take in barn cats from our program don't even have to pay fee!

Spay and Neuter Programs: A big issue in Oklahoma is overpopulation, there's no denying that. So we're focusing on two areas to help, cats and bully breeds. Cats and bully breeds like pit bulls often find themselves frequently up for euthanasia at our shelters due to lack of homes willing to take them in. Many of our rescues are absolutely full with cats and pit bulls, which is why we are hoping to be proactive and help decrease the overpopulation numbers in an effort to hopefully decrease the overall euthanasia rates in our Oklahoma Shelters. A part of this program is TNR for cats, this means trap, neuter, and release. This is a special program for our feral cats, this is to allow them to still live in their colonies and neighborhoods they are use to as well as prevent more unwanted litters from occurring. 

Nonprofit and Shelter Assistance: It just keeps getting better! We offer assistance to other 501c3 nonprofit animal rescues and municipal shelters, we do this by assisting covering medical costs, providing resources like food, crates, treats, and other supplies. We also assist with transporting, digital marketing, photography, fundraising, and more! We know that to truly SAVE and IMPROVE lives it takes more than just our organization, so we try to help others as much as possible! We even have a mini "shop" that our founders sponsor for rescues and shelters to collect items they need. Currently the mini shop is a temperature controlled unit but we plan on expanding! 

Halfway House: Animals in this program are typically from our adoption program. We partner with out of state rescue to get our animals in states that are not facing overpopulation issues and typically have an easier time finding qualified adopters. By sending animals out of state we are also helping with overpopulation in our state. We ensure that all animals are up to date on vaccinations, spayed/neutered, and are healthy before we send them out of state. 

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