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Mission: Find Ember a Home

Ember has been in rescue for over 750 days!! She is ready to find her happily ever after and is just waiting for someone to give her a chance. Could that be you? Or maybe just maybe, you could help Ember along the way. Share her story, donate to her care, show her all the love! 

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Ember's Story

Ember found herself in an overcrowded shelter after she birthed a litter of puppies. She was terrified in this new environment, to make things worse her puppies starting passing one by one. As her puppies passed she found herself and her remaining puppies on the euthanasia list. Once we found out about her we took her into our program, unfortunately her remaining puppies quickly passed even with medical intervention. This broke Ember even more. She was only in a foster home for a week before going to boarding, we have searched for a foster or adopter for her but haven't had luck. Although her boarding care takers do their best to spoil her, Ember would truly love a HOME to call her own. 

Let's talk Ember: she is reluctant to trust new people because she's already been hurt so many times. In order to protect herself she waits to see if they'll stick around to give her a chance. Unfortunately, this turns a lot of people away since they don't want to put in that kind of time with her. She needs someone to show her that they will be through thick and thin, that they are HER PERSON. 

If you would like to meet Ember and possibly adopt her please fill out our adoption application today. 


If you would like more information on Ember please reach out via text or email. 

Text: 405-255-3484

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