Krystal & Tonya

Kanoa Rescue Foundation was founded in 2019 by Krystal and Tonya, Krystal is our current President. In 2019 our founders were married, instead of asking for wedding gifts they did a fundraiser for us and raised over $3k!!! Krystal has been in animal rescue since she was 16 years old and has never stopped! Tonya was quickly introduced to the rescue world when she met Krystal. Krystal and Tonya have experience with countless species including but not limited to dogs, cats, lizards, turtles, hamsters, rats, chickens, sheep, and an array of others! They're partial to geriatrics and differently-abled animals, well and of course medical cases (hence our main mission).They work day in and day out to continue save and improve lives. 



Katelyn has been a supporter of KRF since the beginning! Plus she's our vice president! Katelyn has been an animal lover ever since she can remember! She's had a variety of animals from dogs to cats to parakeets to turtles to hedgehogs and more! Katelyn helps with events, fostering, and does so much volunteer work for the organization.  Katelyn is definitely one of our cat people but also our main hedgehog foster!



Troy is a co-founder for KRF as well as the foster recruiter. Troy has been with us since the beginning and continues to be dedicated to our mission of saving and improving lives. Troy not only fosters for us but has also adopted! Troy helps with countless things in the organization. Troy has experience with dogs and cats! Troy has a special heart for hospice fosters and differently-abled! He has taken in hospice dogs and a three-legged cat (along others)!



Tricia is a co-founder of the organization as well as our treasurer! Tricia is an all around dog girl, especially the big dogs, but also enjoys our feline friends! She has been around since the very beginning of KRF and has been such a dedicated member. Tricia fosters our dog friends, although she loves the big dogs she has also fostered small, blind, geriatric dogs! Tricia has experience in the rescue world not only through rescue but also from working at municipal animal shelter, where she got to see where so much of this starts!



Taylor is our foster coordinator and has been with us since the beginning of KRF! Taylor has experience with dogs, rabbits, parakeets, and leopard geckos! Taylor does foster dogs for us but primarily fosters animals like rabbits and parakeets for us! Taylor is a dedicated foster but also an amazing volunteer, she helps at events, does photography, and more! 



Celeste is the KRF secretary and much much more! Celeste has an array of animal experience from lemurs, to kangaroos, to dogs, to turtles, to so so so much more! Celeste is our go to when it comes to bottle babies, especially those with cleft lips. Celeste not only has an array of animal experience but also a lot of medical experience! Celeste has fostered dogs and cats for the organization, she is also an approved sanctuary home and houses turtles for the organization!