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Kanoa Rescue Foundation FAQ

Fostering and Adopting

If you have additional questions please feel free to contact us.

Fostering for KRF

How do I sign up to foster? Kanoa Rescue Foundation is always in need of foster homes, we do require an application be submitted and reviewed. Not all applications will be approved as not every applicant is a good fit for our organization, this isn't anything against the applicant, we believe everyone has a niche!

What's involved in being a foster? Fosters are the back bone of our operations. Being a foster means you open your heart and home to an animal in need. You provide the TLC we cover the medical expenses plus provide you with any supplies you may need such as food, kennel, treats, etc. You will also be responsible for transporting or finding transport to and from medical appointments and events.

How long does fostering typically last? Fostering times can vary, our program focuses on a lot of long term animals due to medical conditions, needing hospice care, or extra care. We do have a need for short term fosters and pet sitting fosters so these can be more specified times. 

Adopting from KRF

How do I adopt? We require an adoption application be submitted for all of our animals. Once an adoption application is approved a meet and greet will be scheduled. If all goes well at the meet and greet then an adoption date will be scheduled. Adoption fees must be paid prior or at the adoption and can not be made before the meet and greet. Applicants can be denied at any time of adoption process. Submitting an application does not guarantee adoption nor does having a meet and greet.

What is the adoption process? An adoption application must be submitted before anything else, including before meet and greets. An adoption application will be reviewed by a KRF board member, if approved the application will be sent to the foster for the animal of interest. A meet and greet will be scheduled, we do not do same day adoptions as meet and greets. If all goes well at the meet and greet then an adoption date will be scheduled. The adoption fee for the animal can not be paid before the meet and greet and must be paid prior or at the time of adoption.

How long does the adoption process take? Kanoa Rescue Foundation is 100% operated by volunteers, this includes our adoption process. We are working with a multitude of schedules from our board members to our fosters. This means it can take 3-6 weeks to even process the application. Sometimes we get to them sooner but can't make any guarantees since we rely on volunteers.

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