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The Unpaid Rescuer

There are thousands of us but still not enough of us.

We don't receive an income from what we do.

What we do is all volunteer time.

Although we are exhausted, we get up to do it again.

Many of us are working full time jobs, caring for our families, and our personal animals.

Yet we continue.

We cry because we can't save them all.

Sometimes we want to just crawl in bed and do nothing.

More often than not we feel like we aren't doing enough.

Yet we continue.

Why? Because the difference we make is REAL.

Because when you see an animal look up at you with appreciation and love, you know you've done right by them.

Because there are millions of animals who don't get a saving grace.

Because thousands upon thousands of animals continue to face homelessness and displacement.

Because there are so many suffering.

We do what we can to continue to save them. Even with our pockets running empty. Even without receiving a paycheck. We continue.

Be an advocate. Be a rescuer.

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