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Halfway House Program

That’s right! We have a “halfway house” program! We help animals grow and improve so they can go into bigger and better things with their forever families!

Here at KRF we believe in doing everything we can for the animals in our community. One of our primary goals is helping animals who are suffering from some type of medical condition, this may be broken bones, parasites, skin conditions, viruses, and more! We believe they deserve the chance at living a happy and healthy life!

The thing is.... Oklahoma lacks a lot of adoptive homes for these animals once they have healed (this is due to the overpopulation crisis our stare is in). That’s why we partner with out of state rescues! States up north don’t have the overpopulation issues like we do, so they literally have people lining up to adopt animals!!! Crazy concept isn’t it?

We believe our animals deserve the absolute best, which is why we strive to do everything we possibly can for them. We treat them of ringworm, upper respiratory infections, parvovirus, and more! Once they‘re healthy we’re able to send them to a partner rescue up north so they can find their happily ever after. Plus this allows us to continue to intake and save even more lives.

This also helps to lower our rates here in Oklahoma, it helps lower the animal population numbers and helps lower our shelter’s euthanasia rates.

Rescue truly is team work so we’re incredibly thankful to all our rescue partners, our fosters, our business partners, all our volunteers, our donators, and our supporters. Without our amazing community many animals would needlessly die. We’re here to help them see another day, to let them experience happiness and love, to let them fight to be better.

We may just be a stopping point in their journey but they’re all completely worth it.

More Info:

Currently our halfway house program only covers dogs and cats, which is where the primary over population issues reside. We have sent animals to Wisconsin, Illinois, New York, and Kansas. This has allowed us to intake more animals than we would have. No, we do not receive any adoption fees for these animals but we aren’t in this for the money. We’re in this for the animals and doing what is best for them, after all KRF was created for the animals.

Thank you all so much for the support! If you would like to help us save and improve even more lives please consider donating.

•Venmo: @KanoaRescueFoundation

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