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Bully Breeds Are Good Dogs

Bully breeds often get a bad rap, especially pit bull terriers and staffordshire terriers. Didn't know other breeds fell into the bully breed category? "Bully breed" is really an umbrella term for terrier breeds, this includes bull terriers, bull mastiffs, french bull dogs, boxers, boston terriers, and more.

Bully breeds and their mixes are often found in overcrowded shelters and are euthanized at an alarming rate. This isn't because shelters want to euthanize them, it's because they end up in shelters at an incredibly alarming rate. There hasn't been an increase in homes for them due to a lack of people interested in adopting them. Why? Because of the negative stigma they carry in our society, especially pit bulls and Staffordshire terriers. Unfortunately, these dogs were set up for failure form the start. They were originally bred to be bait dogs for bears and bulls as well as to be a part of dog fighting rings. All for human entertainment. How sad is that? To be born into this world for cruelty?

Even with their incredibly devasting past, these dogs are amazing. They are cuddly, owner oriented, and very intelligent. They have so many positives to them even though humanity has failed them time and time again. They still seek attention, affection, love, and to be saved. They DESERVE to be saved, to be loved, and to be cared for.

HOW can you help? Advocate for them, educate people about the breed. Volunteer at your local animal shelter or rescue. Foster bully breeds. Adopt bully breeds. Donate to programs that support bully breeds. Spay and neuter. If we don't spay and neuter we'll only continue to see an increase in bully breeds in our shelters, we'll only continue to see them euthanized.

Kanoa Rescue Foundation is dedicated to helping bully breeds. We have taken many into our program, we even have two that are successfully working on becoming service dogs. Our program has taken them in, adopted them out and even gotten a few out of Oklahoma to northern states where overpopulation isn't as much of an issue as it is here in the south. What we are also doing to help is providing spay and neuter assistance to our community. WE WANT to see a better life for all dogs INCLUDING bully breeds.

Please consider donating to our program to make a difference!

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