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Why You Shouldn’t Feed Birds Bread

So often people give bread to a variety of birds: crows, ducks, geese, etc. Although they may have good intentions they are doing more harm than good most of the time.

Bread has NO nutritional value to our feathered friends BUT it makes them feel full therefore they don’t feel the need to look for foods that have nutrients for their bodies. It’s basically like humans ONLY EATING CANDY (ya’know so an early death). If birds are consuming large amounts of bread they will miss out on many VITAL vitamins that their bodies need.

Let’s talk about ducks & bread. When they eat bread & don’t look for other food they can develop “angel wing” which causes flying issues & may completely hinder flying.

What can you feed our feathered friends? • Birdseed

• Cracked Corn

• Mealworms

• Defrosted peas

• Chopped Lettuce / Greens

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