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Kanoa Rescue Foundation March 2020

Boy has 2020 really kick started with a bang and it just keeps on kicking! As many of you know KRF was just founded in 2019 and we couldn't be more thankful for all the support that we've received! Due to all the support we've truly been able to help SAVE and IMPROVE more lives! We've taken in cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, pigs, sugar gliders, and hedgehogs! It's truly been amazing all we've accomplished in such a short amount of time. From medical cases, to geriatrics, to differently-abled we've been able to make a difference.

We've taken on animals hit by cars, those requiring amputations, eye surgeries, animals who had ringworm, upper respiratory infections, coccidia, and more.

Not only are we intaking animals and helping that way but we're also working on a TNR program and other ventures like low to no cost spay and neuter for bully breeds and working on doing more education for our community. PLUS we provide resources to other 501c3 animal rescues, municipal shelters, and to our community. Resources we provide are transport, food, and even donate towards medical care for other rescue's animals. So far KRF has really gotten to flourish in less than a year of operating!

We couldn't possibly do this without the help of our community and supporters. Without the donations, shares, fosters, advocates, volunteers, partners etc. KRF would not be operating at such a successful level. If you would like to help us SAVE and IMPROVE more lives there are multiple ways you can do so! You can donate to the rescue either through PayPal, Venmo, or through our Amazon Wishlist! We even have an online store you can shop that helps us raise funds for our animals. Literally every little bit helps (links to each will be at the bottom of this article).

Some surgeries we need to get done are for Bruce and Reimer. Bruce has some knee problems (I'll leave the big fancy terms to the pro's) that could cost us up to $1,500. Reimer needs reconstructive surgery on his genitals as his urethra did not connect to his penis, so his urethra is exposed. We are most likely looking at another $1,000 for this bill. We believe both these boys deserve the absolute best and we look forward to improving both of their quality of life.

Ways to donate:

Venmo: @KanoaRescueFoundation

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