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Kanoa Rescue Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is dedicated to SAVING & IMPROVING lives of our animal friends through a multitude of programs. A big part of our mission is providing sanctuary and hospice care to geriatric and differently-abled animals. We also assist in medical cases, support other nonprofits as well as municipal shelters, and much more! 

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Kanoa Rescue Foundation is committed to assisting animals, their people, animal rescue groups, and animal shelters. We focus on geriatric, medical cases, and differently-abled (often referred to as special needs) animals. Not only do we focus on those three groups we also work to better the lives of our feral, semi-feral, and behavioral cats, we do this through our TNR program and our Barn Cat program. We believe in assisting and educating people about animals in and around the community. All of our efforts help to SAVE and IMPROVE many lives, including lives that are not just involved in our program.